Diet for a Healthy Mind

By Jeannine Re McNamara, RD

There is a lot of research into how we can keep our minds sharper for longer, through mental exercises, adequate sleep, meditation and so on. Current research has shown that our diet can also have a big effect on maintaining our cognition. Certain foods have been associated with a slower rate of cognitive decline; some eating practices have even been found to add an average of 7.5 more years of younger age.

As Americans, we also find ourselves consuming way more than is necessary, but consuming excessive calories is associated with a two-fold increase in the risk of cognitive impairment. Today, many people are focusing on healthier eating, natural products and consuming all foods in moderation, which is beneficial for not only the body but the mind as well. Recent breakthroughs in the study of cognitive decline points to specific nutrients that are beneficial to the mind and thus the “Mind Diet” has emerged. The following are guidelines for the Mind Diet: