It’s National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Although here at Nutrition Link Services we believe that EVERY day is “Eat Your Veggies Day”, we are happy to promote the official holiday today! So grab your favorite veggie, start crunching, and read on.
Why should I eat my veggies anyway?

We’re glad you asked. There’s a plethora of reasons you should eat vegetables every day, but we’ve condensed the extensive list to a few easy bullet points that will easily get you in a veggie state of mind. For more information, any of our knowledgeable Registered Dietitians can help get you and your diet on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to call us for an appointment today!

The Happiness Factor

Increased fruit and vegetable consumption is essential for general life satisfaction and feelings of well-being. According to a 2016 study by Am J Public Health, although the physical health benefits of consuming vegetables are realized after years of maintaining a healthy diet, the “happiness gains” are nearly immediate! In fact, just by eating vegetables, one can feel emotional satisfaction equivalent to that of getting a new job!

Better Sleep

The micronutrients found in vegetables help to promote a healthy circadian rhythm. In fact, we have already written a whole article about how your diet affects your sleep habits! Feel free to check it out here:

A Higher Attention Span

Eating veggies means you’re eating less calories and sugar. Unfortunately, the overconsumption of sugar affects executive function and your attention is affected. Additionally, processed foods are addictive, which means you’ll be thinking about your next “fix” while you should be focusing on your task at hand. Stay focused on what’s important by consuming healthy, fresh vegetables for your midday snacks.

Organs are Protected

Veggies reduce inflammation and protect vital organs. One of these major organs is, of course, your brain. They help drive brain function and stabilize your mood (see #1!).

Drive Energy

Green veggies contain folate (which helps to produce red blood cells) and other vitamins to support your metabolism, helping to drive energy and support weight loss.

Better Digestive Health

The fiber found in vegetables fuels the good bacteria in your gut, ultimately combatting bloating, constipation, and other digestive issues.

Get Water Soluble Vitamins

The best place to get essential water-soluble vitamins is in vegetables. These necessary vitamins bring nutrients to the body’s tissues, but unlike fat-soluble vitamins, the body cannot store them and they pass through our bodies quickly. Because these vitamins are needed by our bodies to convert food to energy, promote red blood cell reproduction & growth, maintain nervous system health, strengthen the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, and much more, we need to make sure we continuously take them in on a regular basis before they are eliminated.

Overall, vegetables provide vital nutrients for the health and maintenance of your body. Although a variety of healthy foods is essential to maintaining wellness, the health benefits of vegetables simply cannot be duplicated by other food groups. So go grab your favorite veggies today!