By Jeannine Re McNamara, RD

Diabetic Eating Plan

The goal of any diabetic eating plan is to control blood sugar and the associated health complications: heart disease, kidney damage, nerve damage, eye damage, impaired healing, and impaired ability to fight infection. However, besides avoiding excess carbs and sugar, current research has uncovered many foods that may help control blood sugar levels or reduce your risk of complications associated with Diabetes.

Let’s explore:

What came first? Let’s say the Egg. Eggs improve insulin sensitivity, act as antioxidants to protect the eyes, increase your good cholesterol (HDL), and decrease inflammation. Be sure you are eating the whole egg, as the yolk plays a necessary part in these health benefits.

Cha Cha Cha Chia!

Including an ounce of Chia Seeds into your diet daily can add fiber, lower your blood sugar, increase the feeling of fullness to control weight, reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

Are you nuts?

Nuts are also high in fiber, low in net carbs and can reduce your blood sugar, and LDL cholesterol

This is so “Extra” Extra Virgin

Olive Oil has antioxidants to reduce inflammation, improve triglycerides, and increase fullness hormones. It is the only oil proven to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Berry Good For You

Strawberries and blueberries have strong anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the risk of heart disease and provide Vitamin C a strong antioxidant.

Let’s Look at the “Flax”

High soluble fiber content of Flaxseed is linked to improved insulin sensitivity, improved hemoglobin A1C, improved gut health, and even can assist weight control through an increased feeling of fullness. Purchase your flaxseeds ground for best absorption.

Get Yourself Some Flowers!

Broccoli is high in fiber to help control blood sugar levels, has strong antioxidants protecting cells from damaging free radicals, and even contains lutein and beta-carotene to reduce your risk of eye disease.

A Vampires Nightmare, A Diabetics Dream!

Garlic can reduce LDL cholesterol, improve blood sugar, and reduce inflammation. It may also help lower blood pressure.

“Cinnful” Spice

Cinnamon is thought to enhance insulin sensitivity, which will help control glucose levels.

So try adding some of these items to your meals, and help control your diabetes naturally!

Image of Antioxidant-berries-blueberries
Image of bowl-broccoli
Image of Flax Fiber