Maintaining Exercise at Home

Exercise is defined as “any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories”. To reach your fitness goals, one must exercise consistently.

But what happens when getting to the gym isn’t an option? What if the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor run? Fortunately, home workouts are convenient, and potentially even free depending on what you choose to do.

What are the best ways to maintain my exercise regimen (or even begin a new one) from home?

1) Join an online fitness community
As home workout becomes more popular, these communities are increasingly easier to find. You can purchase access to apps or even join them through social media for free. Here you can check-in, share tips with one another, and even set up challenges for friendly competition.

2) Get it on the calendar
Pick a time that you are available, and have the most energy. Write that time down in your calendar or put it in your device. Treat your workout like any other appointment you have to get to, such as a doctor’s appointment or a meeting.

3) Reward yourself
Set specific, measurable goals for yourself each day, and reward yourself with healthy, positive rewards when you’ve reached them.

4) Recruit a friend
When you don’t have a “workout buddy”, or someone holding you accountable, it’s easy to skip sessions. So choose someone reliable. They can work out “with” you virtually if it’s someone outside your home, or it can be someone who cares enough just to check in every once in a while to make sure you don’t give up.

5) Stream a workout online
When you stream a live workout rather than just exercising on your own, it’s easier to make sure you stick it out until the very end.

6) Track your progress
By taking periodic photos, making weekly weigh-ins, paying attention to how clothes fit, and other tracking activities, you set yourself up for success through positive reinforcement as you notice your progress.

What are some ways I can exercise at home?
• Bodyweight exercises
• Resistance bands
• Yoga
• Videos/DVDs
• Download fitness apps
U• se kids’ games like Wii
• Power walking/running when outdoor conditions permit

Whether you have access to weights, resistance bands and cardio equipment, or you’re just learning to use your own body to keep fit, the key is to KEEP MOVING!

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