Recipes For Healing

Meet Our Executive Chef, Roel Lopez, CDM, DTRt

Roel joined Pinnacle Dietary in 2010 as the Corporate Executive Chef. As the Corporate Executive Chef, he implemented 3 specialty programs: the Puree Program, Indian Program, and Spanish Program. Most of Roel’s time was spent on menus, recipes, catering, and training. He also provided support as an interim Director of Dining Services at several accounts, all of which achieved deficiency-free surveys under his leadership.

The ultimate way to eat for a healthy lifestyle is clean and natural. The healing ingredients included in our recipes can give you the right foods that can help prevent, manage, maybe even reverse the defining symptoms of a wide range of health issues.

Whether it’s weight management, digestive problems, high blood sugar, the natural healing ingredients in our recipes can make a difference. Our Dietitians can assist you with what foods you can eat every day to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, lower inflammation, optimize energy, sleep better, and more. Our clients can walk away with scientifically researched recommendations on foods that are delicious and healthy!”


Sweet Potato Super Pie


Asparagus Soup


Gingerbread Cookies

Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos


Classic Salmon & Swiss Quiche


Sweet Zucchini Muffins


Fresh Herb Eggplant Rolls


Salmon & Fresh Vegetable Sauce