Telehealth Nutrition at Your Fingertips!

Our Dietitian Nutritionists Provide Virtual Services throughout the U.S.

Technology has revolutionized our lives over the past several decades – from the way we do business to how we shop and communicate. In the last few years, we have also seen a rise in the demand for telehealth services, and this expansion includes telehealth nutrition.

We Offer Telehealth Nutrition Counseling for a Variety of Health Conditions, Including:

Nutrition Link Services clients can meet with registered dietitian nutritionists virtually to optimize their nutrition and health without having to commute or travel to an office for any visits. If you have been thinking about scheduling a consult, but the thought of spending time and money to travel to it has been holding you back, then fear no more!

Call us today to schedule a telehealth consult with one of our registered dietitian nutritionists, and we will take care of the rest – including verifying your insurance coverage for you!

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a form of communicating and exchanging health services and information virtually through various electronic platforms, such as email, videoconference, fax and communication via telephone and/or other electronic methods. The expansion of telehealth has allowed many health providers to serve more clients and provide services in a more convenient and flexible format.

Benefits of Telehealth

• Flexibility – to schedule appointments around their schedule
• Convenience – to meet with a provider from the comfort of home
• Time – no time spent commuting to a provider’s office
• Money – no money spent on commuting and parking

Many Insurance Plans Are Covering Nutrition Telehealth Appointments for an Extended Period of Time Due to COVID-19. We Verify Your Coverage for You at No Extra Cost.

NOW is the time to choose you and your health above all. COVID-19 has brought about many, many changes and disruptions, but it has also highlighted the importance of optimal health. Individuals at the greatest risk of severe complications and mortality from COVID-19 are the elderly, those with weakened immune systems, and individuals with pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, respiratory diseases and cardiovascular disease.

If you currently have any of the above diagnoses, our registered dietitian nutritionists can help you improve your diet to better manage these conditions. And, if you are at risk of developing any of these issues, we can help you reduce that risk through diet and lifestyle changes.

So, let’s work on this together to optimize your nutrition and wellness, and help you remain as healthy as possible!

We look forward to “meeting” with you soon! Contact us at 845.566.3506 or click to make an appointment to get started!  We accept health insurance and can even verify your coverage for nutrition counseling.